Routin Mixes It Up With Lotus and Rishi

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Routin Syrups are versatile, aromatic and intense. For more than 130 years, 1883 has prided itself on superior quality and authenticity.

Check out these hot and cold drink recipes for any season that also creatively feature Lotus Energy Concentrate and Rishi Tea.


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Routin and Rishi

Pandan Matcha

Combine matcha and syrup, add ice and top with Pacific Coconut Milk.









Blue Peach

Fill a 16oz cup with ice, add syrup and top with sparkling water.


Routin Lotus and Rishi Drink Recipes-2


Oh Snow Toasty

Add all ingredients to a blender and blend well. Top with whipped cream. 







Lemonade Pop

Add syrups to a 16oz cup filled with ice. Top with still or sparkling water and mix well.



Toby's Tea Time

Steep tea in 4oz of hot water for 4 minutes. Remove tea bag, add syrup and top with steamed milk.


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