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Lotus Energy Drinks

Lotus Energy Drinks are made with Lotus Energy Concentrate. Instead of being packaged in individual, single-serving cans, Lotus Energy Concentrate is a syrup that comes in 64 oz bottles. Combine a 1 oz. or 0.5 oz. pump of the syrup with flavorings and water (or other liquids) to create custom Lotus energy drinks in whatever flavor combinations you like. 

What do Lotus Energy drinks taste like?

On their own, Original Lotus Energy Concentrates and Skinny Lotus Energy Concentrates taste sweet, with a subtle tang. 

Lotus Lemonade has a true lemonade flavor — you can taste the cane sugar and lemon juice concentrate that are its main ingredients. 

Lotus Super Cream has a subtle vanilla flavor. 

We do not recommend relying exclusively on the taste of Lotus Energy Concentrate when creating energy drinks. For a memorable flavor profile, combine it with flavored syrups, fruit purees and/or flavorful bases like coconut milk. 

Check out our Lotus Energy drink recipe collection for recipes and flavor combination ideas.

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How much caffeine is in Lotus Energy Drinks?

Lotus Energy concentrate contains 80 mg of caffeine per 1 oz. pump/serving (equal in caffeine to one canned beverage from popular energy brands). Its caffeine comes from tasteless green coffee extract, and is fortified with amino acids and B vitamins. 

Lotus Energy drink carb content:

  • Original Lotus Energy Concentrate products (White Lotus Energy Concentrate, Pink Lotus Energy Concentrate and Blue Lotus Energy Concentrate): 21 g of carbs per serving. 
  • Skinny Lotus Energy Concentrate products (Skinny Pink Lotus Energy Concentrate and Skinny Blue Lotus Energy Concentrate): 2 g of carbs per serving.
  • Lotus Power Up: 0g carbs per serving.
  • Lotus Lemonade Concentrate: 21g carbs per serving. 
  • Lotus Super Cream: 18g per serving.

Of course, the number of carbs in any Lotus Energy drink depends on how much Lotus Energy Concentrate is used to make it, as well as the drink's other ingredients. 


Are Lotus Energy drinks vegan?

The Original (, Blue and Pink) and Skinny (Skinny Pink and Skinny Blue) Lotus Energy Concentrates are vegan, as is Lotus Lemonade and Lotus Power Up. 

Lotus Super Cream, on the other hand, contains whey, which is derived from dairy products. It is not vegan. 

Of course, whether or not any Lotus Energy drink is vegan also depends on the drink's other ingredients. 


Calories in Lotus Energy drinks:

Original Lotus Energy Concentrate products (Pink and Blue Lotus) each have 80 calories per serving.   

  • Skinny Lotus Energy Concentrate products (Skinny Blue and Skinny Pink) each have 5 calories per serving.  
  • Lotus Power Up has 1 calorie per serving. 
  • Lotus Lemonade Concentrate has 80 calories per serving. 
  • Lotus Super Cream has 75 calories per serving.

Of course, the calories in any particular Lotus Energy drink also depend on the drink's other ingredients. 

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