How to Choose A Flavoring Syrup Brand

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two-arty-lattesWhat brands of flavoring syrup do you carry?

We currently offer three different flavoring syrup brands:

What are the differences between the three brands?

Each of the three syrup brands offers its own advantages. Here’s a rundown of the qualities that make each brand unique and the applications it excels in.


DaVinci syrups come in a wide variety of both sugar-free and regular flavors. If you’re looking for a unique flavor to get creative with, DaVinci probably carries it. Their large selection (including sugar-free and all-natural lines) offers you all the options you'll need for specialty coffee beverages and just about any other application you can think of.

DaVinci is the sweetest syrup brand we carry. While DaVinci syrups’ sweetness is familiar to many customers (making them a popular choice for a variety of coffee shops), their sweetness may mask the flavors of more nuanced specialty drinks.



Monin syrups are often described as having “pure” flavors that complement high-quality espresso well. (For example, Monin vanilla syrup tastes more strongly of vanilla bean than DaVinci’s vanilla syrup, which tends to be more sweetness-forward and offer less complex vanilla flavor.) Monin syrup is more concentrated than DaVinci syrup, meaning you can use less product per serving while still maintaining bold flavor in your coffee drinks. Monin offers 96 syrup varieties, including ten sugar-free syrups and a line of syrups packaged in PET bottles.


Routin 1883

Like Monin, Routin 1883 syrups offer pure flavors that complement the flavor of premium espresso. 1883 syrups are more concentrated than either Monin or DaVinci, making them our most economical syrup option. If you’re looking for premium flavor at a friendly price point, 1883 syrups are the right choice for you. All 1883 syrups are imported from France and are available in PET bottles. Their most popular flavors are available in sugar-free versions

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How much flavoring syrup should I use per drink?

There are general guidelines, but it really depends on the recipe you’re following! No matter what recipe you’re following though, we always recommend using pumps to portion your syrup for consistency and cost control. For specialty coffee drinks, our recommended usage for optimal flavor in 16-ounce servings are as follows:

DaVinci: 1.25 oz. of syrup (5 pumps)

Monin: 3/4 oz. of syrup (3 pumps)

Routin 1883: 3/4 oz. of syrup (3 pumps)


How can I use flavoring syrup in other applications?

Outside of speciality coffee drinks, flavoring syrups can be used to flavor steamers, cocktails, tea (hot and iced), French and Italian sodas and even baked goods.


What are the most popular flavors?

For specialty coffee beverages, the most popular flavors are Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut, Raspberry and Sugar Free Vanilla. For bars and restaurants making soda flavors, cocktails and iced tea, the most popular flavors include Raspberry, Blackberry, Mango, Passion Fruit and Pomegranate.


What is the shelf life of flavored syrups, once opened?

  • DaVinci Syrups: two years
  • Monin Syrups: 12 months
  • Routin 1883: 6 months

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