Smoothie Concentrate: Why It’s The Best Choice for Coffee Shop Owners

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Adding smoothie products to your menu can offer you incredibly high profit margins. But maintaining great profitability on these products comes down to precise stock management and production efficiency. And that’s where smoothie concentrate comes in. Here’s why we recommend smoothie concentrates over the fresh or frozen fruit bases owners sometimes instinctively turn to when adding smoothies to their menu.

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Smoothie Concentrates vs. Fresh or Frozen Fruit

Smoothie concentrate enables portion control.

A half cup measure of smoothie concentrate is always a half cup. Barista measurements of fresh or frozen fruit, on the other hand, tend to be less consistent because the fruit can be bulky and/or irregularly shaped. Using smoothie concentrate enables you to increase product use consistency across all members of your staff.


Smoothie concentrate frees up freezer space.

Because it’s a shelf-stable product, smoothie concentrate doesn’t take up precious refrigerator or freezer space the way fresh or frozen fruit (or dairy) often does. You can store it anywhere there’s counter or shelf space.


Smoothie concentrate increases barista efficiency.

When your staff is flying, it’s easier for them to measure out of a single serving of smoothie concentrate and blend it with ice than it is for them to build a smoothie from scratch. Using a concentrate reduced the number of steps required from order to satisfied customer.


Smoothie concentrate reduces spillage and wastage.

Using jars of smoothie concentrate can reduce the waste that often occurs with smoothie ingredients that require more prep or are harder to measure accurately.


Smoothie concentrate reduces training complexity.

Keeping it simple for your staff makes it easier for them to serve high-quality products consistently and efficiently.

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Smoothie Concentrate Brands for Cafes & Coffee Shops

The smoothie concentrate brand that’s right for you depends on your customer base and your brand. Here’s a rundown of the brands we typically recommend for different types of shops.


Routin 1883 Smoothies

Routin 1883 offers five smoothie concentrate products in classic flavors like peach, mango and strawberry banana. Each concentrate is made from 100% fruit and is sweetened exclusively with pear juice. With no added sugars and ingredient lists that are completely gluten-free, kosher, GMO-free and vegan, these smoothie concentrates are a great choice for coffee shops that prioritize offering products with premium flavors or “clean” ingredients.


Smartfruit Smoothies

For shops that prioritize offering a cleaner ingredient list we'd recommend Smartfruit smoothies, which offers a variety of smoothie concentrate flavors ranging from lemon blush to harvest greens.


Dr. Smoothie Smoothies

Dr. Smoothie offers an enormous variety of smoothie concentrate products that center natural flavors in creative combinations. With lines of organic smoothies, 100% fruit smoothies and even caffeinated smoothie concentrate, it offers a vast array of options for shop owners looking to offer unique flavors.


Monin Smoothies

Like Routin 1883 smoothie concentrates, Monin smoothie concentrates are made with all natural ingredients and no artificial colors or preservatives. Their range of flavors includes raspberry and wildberry in addition to other classic flavors.


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