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Clean Coffee EquipmentIt's not the most glamorous part of making good coffee, but the way you clean your equipment can have a serious effect on the taste and quality of the drinks you serve.

We often see irregular or DIY-style cleaning procedures result in unsanitary equipment or coffee that's tainted with the taste of mineral residue or coffee oils. Cleaning procedures that don't leave equipment sparkling clean can also shorten its lifespan, resulting in unnecessary repair and even replacements costs. 

Cleaning Steam Arms & Steam Pitchers

Don't: Use lemon water or ice water to clean your steam arms or steam pitchers. It won't remove bacterial build up from inside the arms or cooked milk film from your steam pitchers. 

Do: Add 30ml Urnex Rinza Milk Frother Cleaner to 500ml of cold water to your steam pitcher, and steam the solution; allow solution to soak for up to 30 minutes.

Soak your steam pitchers in 30ml Rinza + 500ml water to remove residual milk film completely and easily. 

How often? Clean your steam arms daily and soak your steam pitchers weekly in Rinza.

Urnex also offers Biocaf Milk Frother Cleaning Liquid, an all-natural product designed to remove buildup from both dairy and plant-based milks. The popularity of dairy alternatives demands a cleaner that can stand up to their unique composition, and Biocaf Milk Frother Cleaning Liquid does just that all while remaining biodegradable and phosphate-free.


Cleaning Your Grinder

Don't: Skip cleaning it. The grinder often gets forgotten, but it does need regular cleaning. Without cleaning, rancid coffee oils build up into a dark substance that sticks in corners and taints the taste of your beans. 

Do: Run Urnex Grindz to through your grinder to lift residual coffee oils and grind particles without grinder disassembly. 

How often? Run 1 to 2 capfuls of Grindz cleaner through your grinder once a month, purging with a couple rounds of coffee. 



Cleaning Your Brewer

Don't: Use only soap and water to clean your brewer and coffee dispensers. A soap scrub and rinse will still leave behind coffee and mineral residues that can taint future batches of coffee.  

Do: Use Urnex Tabz as your daily brewer cleaning solution. It guarantees removal of any residue that other scrubbing solutions can't lift. 

How often? Run a brew cycle with Tabz tablets in the basket daily to keep your coffee dispensers clean. Use 1 tablet per 64oz of water. 


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