Choosing An Espresso Machine for Your Coffee Shop

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Serving espresso is a great way to increase sales, but there is a lot to consider when choosing an espresso machine that will meet your operation’s specific needs. The type of food service you do is probably the most important factor, followed by your daily customer traffic.

A traditional automatic espresso machine gives the barista the most control of the drink-making process, as compared with using a super-automatic machine. The barista should be well trained to make consistent drinks while still enjoying this creative process.

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Choose a machine based on your business model: 


You provide the perfect accompaniment to coffee, so serve coffee that’s worthy of your baked goods. You can expect to serve between 20 to 50 espresso beverages per day. 20 for small to mid-size towns, 50 for larger cities. A one-group machine will work well for your needs.

Coffee Shop

The masses walk bleary-eyed through your doors, expecting their daily caffeine fix. Y need a machine that won't let you down during the morning rush.

Most of your customers’ favorite beverages will be espresso-based. You can expect to serve 100 to 500 espresso beverages per day, depending on your location. And you’ll be steaming a lot of milk for mochas and lattes.

100-200 drinks per day: A two-group machine will fit the bill.

200-300 drinks per day: A two-group to a three-group machine is what you'll need.

300-500 drinks per day: You need a three-group. Period.

Restaurant or Bar

Espresso adds an extra-special touch to any menu. Invite your customers to order a cappuccino with their breakfast, or an espresso to finish dinner. Espresso martinis may be an even better bet.

You can expect to serve between 10 and 50 espresso beverages per day.

A one-group machine will work well for your needs.


Give them espresso and they will come. An office espresso machine can be great for morale — and productivity.

Expect to serve roughly 75 espresso beverages per day for every 100 employees — with each espresso drinker consuming an average of 1.5 shots. If your office leans more toward drip coffee, or there aren't many who drink coffee at all (what?), adjust your estimate accordingly.

10-50 drinks per day: A one-group machine is all you need. Consider a super automatic instead of a regular automatic.

50-100 drinks per day: A two-group machine will make everyone happy. Again, consider a super automatic instead of a regular automatic.

Other considerations in choosing an espresso machine:

  • Budget
  • Durability/expected life
  • Number of group heads
  • Overall style
  • Long-term cost of service for the unit
  • Availability of parts for the machine — and service when you need it!

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