Copan Trade – Family Owned and Operated Coffee Importer and Roaster

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Sheri and Walter Dunaway of Copan Trade among bags of green coffee at their warehouse

We are excited to highlight Copan Trade, a remarkable family-owned business with a rich history spanning nearly 40 years. Founded in the mid-80s, their journey began with a simple yet ambitious goal: to bring the finest green coffee from Honduras to the world. Over the years, Copan has evolved into a global coffee importer, sourcing premium green beans from around the globe.

It all started in Santa Rosa de Copan, a mountain town in western Honduras, where Sheri and Walter Dunaway began establishing relationships with the local coffee growers. Soon they were planting their own coffee, while continuing to maintain close and personal connections with the independent growers in the Honduran highlands.


Discover green coffee from Copan Trade


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What sets Copan apart is their commitment to ethical business practices, quality control and personal attention—which have been at the heart of their business models since their humble beginnings. In an industry marked by constant change, Copan has stood the test of time by upholding these foundational principles. It is an honor for Intermix to align with a company that takes immense pride in delivering the finest coffee to even the most discerning customers. 


We are confident that their exceptional products and commitment to excellence will resonate with you as much as it does with us.


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