Assure Speed and Consistency, and Attract New Coffee Shop Customers

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To operate a successful coffee shop, you have to balance five key performance indicators: marketing, customer service, product quality, consistency and speed of service.

That's a lot of saucers in the air.

But the two factors that are the biggest keys profitability are consistency and speed of service:

Consistent Coffee Service

We often hear about coffee shops (mostly independent) that provide an inconsistent coffee quality and service experience. If the coffee rarely tastes the same—even if it's not bad, per se—it shows that you're a little loose on the details. It can throw off your whole image. Often that's why people will frequent a chain store when the choice is available. This is true even in small communities where people would like to support locally owned businesses.

So, what's the quickest route to consistency? Simple: equipment choices and training. Here are some examples of equipment that increase consistency and speed of service:

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Despite their usefulness, it's interesting that some folks resist using equipment that increases portion control. Is there an art to being a good barista? Sure, sort of. Our advice is that if you want to be an artist, go buy a paint brush. If you want to be a profitable food service entrepreneur, invest in equipment that provides portion control and train your staff regularly. This is what every successful coffee chain is doing—and they are a large source of competition.

The good news for independent shops is that operating like a chain doesn't mean your shop has to look like one. It doesn't matter if you have a small-town café or a modern urban shop. You can still benefit from these concepts to attract more customers, retain them, and increase profitability.

Remember that we offer free coffee brewing training at our facility. There's always something to learn, and we have a lot of fun.

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