Spice Up Your Coffee

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Try these recipes that add a little spice and a warming, flavorful effect to your usual hot or iced coffee drinks. Your customers will love them! 

iced spiced coffee recipe


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Brown Sugar Iced Coffee Monin
Spiced Brown Sugar Iced Coffee

  • 0.5oz Monin Spiced Brown Sugar Syrup
  • 2oz Heavy Cream
  • Cold Brew

    Fill a 16oz glass with ice. Add the syrup and cream, top with cold brew, and mix well.







Cayenne Coffee

Hot and Spicy Coffee

  • 0.75oz Routin 1883 Cayenne Syrup
  • 2oz half & half                                                                                       
  • 8oz fresh brewed coffee

    Add syrup and half & half to a 12oz cup. Top with fresh brewed coffee.


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