Why We Love Lavazza

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Lavazza is our flagship espresso brand here at Intermix Beverage.

We love it, we crave it, and we drink it every day.

And it’s all because of Luigi.

Lavazza Love

In the late 19th century, Luigi Lavazza traveled the world, studied chemistry, and did pioneering work in the engineering of coffee blending and product storage. His company, based in Turin, Italy, survived World War II and various economic crises, and has seen many firsts. Most recently, Lavazza became the first espresso in space, brewed at the International Space Station.

Lavazza has always been a trailblazing company — part of the movement toward sustainable coffees, and constantly adjusting its business model around environmental concerns at every step of its coffee’s life cycle.

Every day, people walk through the door at Intermix and say, “It smells good in here.” We invite them into our training center where they get to taste it for themselves — freshly brewed on an espresso machine or a high-capacity drip brewer. Here, you’ll find no glass carafes with burnt coffee at the bottom. Just fresh-brewed goodness, thanks to Luigi.

If you ever find yourself in the Twin Cities area, stop by for a cup!

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