Minor Figures: Oat milk that's clean label and carbon neutral

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We love suppliers like Minor Figures, that make good products while doing good. Their Barista Oat Milk and Barista Chai Concentrate are delicious and easy to use, and their business practices are as responsible and ethical as they come. 

Find out why:

What sets Minor Figures apart?

First, all of its carbon emissions—from farm to consumer disposal—are 100% offset by investing in bamboo reforestation and shade regrowth in Nicaragua, river re-forestry in Colombia, and wind farms in Thailand and Mauritania, among other projects. 

And as of 2022, Minor Figures is also B-Corp certified. This means they're so serious about running an ethical business that they're committed to proving they meet international standards for sustainability and inclusiveness.

From their 2024 B Corp Impact Report: “The B Corp certification is important to us because it offers transparency and accountability to our values. As an international brand, it is important for us to be able to clearly communicate to our global community that we are not just using the language of sustainability, but actually putting in the work.”

Minor Figures Oat Milk and Chai Concentrate

B Corp Companies have proven their commitment to treating business as a human enterprise first and foremost — and this doesn’t end once they get the certification.


Minor Figures continues supporting its community and broader social purpose in several ways:

  • In addition to its carbon offsets, Minor Figures supports specific projects that contribute to multiple UN Sustainable development goals.
  • Their internal policies emphasize their commitment to developing its staff and suppliers including training courses, coaching, mental health and relaxation resources, and employee ownership scheme.
  • They’ve streamlined the internal process for reporting on customer feedback, which has led to a process for continuous improvement of the quality of their products. 
And of course, Minor Figures's oat milk and chai concentrate are top notch:
Minor Figures Oat Milk is designed to showcase the flavor and nuance of your espresso in ways that dairy can't, with a creamy, clean texture that lets coffee notes sing. Plus, oat milk has the lowest carbon footprint of all that are popular in coffee drinks — be it dairy, almond or soy.  

Discover Minor Figures Barista Oat Milk. It has you covered in any frothing or steaming situation. 

And check out their Barista Chai Concentrate. It's made with all organic ingredients, and is perfect with Barista Oat for sweet and spicy lattes. 

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