Summertime Flavors for Chai, Lattes and Cocktails

Chai, lattes, and cocktails can all be perfectly seasonal in the summer when made with ice, fresh ingredients, and lighter flavors that transform them into refreshing treats perfect for warm weather.

Lavender Chai

  1. In a 16 oz glass with ice, combine all ingredients and stir well.
  2. Garnish with dried lavender if desired.
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Cold Brew Iced Tea - Make Your Own

As the days grow warmer, we're excited to share with you the perfect way to stay refreshed: cold brewed iced tea with our premium Rishi Loose Leaf Teas. To create with ease, we're recommending the Toddy brewing system, a simple and effective tool. 

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Minor Figures: Oat milk that's clean label and carbon neutral

We love suppliers like Minor Figures, that make good products while doing good. Their Barista Oat Milk and Barista Chai Concentrate are delicious and easy to use, and their business practices are as responsible and ethical as they come. 

Find out why:

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Valentine's Day Drink Recipes

Help your customers enjoy a special treat this Valentine's Day—or share one with someone special! We have sweet recipe ideas, no matter how you celebrate.

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Energy-boosting, fruit-based drinks from Dr. Smoothie and Smartfruit

Customers want a lot from their beverages these days: delicious and indulgent flavor that is also health conscious. Still others want a caffeine boost without the coffee. Smartfruit and Dr. Smoothie have you covered on all fronts.

Dr. Smoothie Refreshers are bursting with real fruit juice flavor, and also have the added boost of green coffee extract.

Smartfruit Refreshers are made from real fruit juice and coconut water to boost hydration, and infused with energy-boosting green coffee extract.

These iced drink recipes require only Refreshers plus sparkling/still water, coconut milk, or juice for a delicious and refreshing drink. You can even use refreshers as a topper for hot teas.

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Change Up Your Chai

A good cup of chai is essential to your menu, whether the weather is cold or hot. Its warm spiciness is so popular in fact, that you might consider changing it up and creating a signature chai cocktail, an extra-spicy chai, or even adding chai essence to hot cider. Check out these recipes for inspiration.

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Easy Tea-Infused Cocktails & Mocktails

These tea cocktails and mocktails are fun and elegant at the same time—and delicious, of course. We've also included a hot-chocolate option to round out the list. 

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