Citrus Drinks

Add these refreshing citrus drinks to your menu for sweet-and-sour options that give customers the best of both worlds. And remember: citrus is a broader category than you might think, encompassing fruits like tangerine, mandarin, bergamot and yuzu. Experiment!


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Topics: Recipes, Cocktails & Mocktails, Energy Drinks, Iced Tea & Lemonade

Lemonade Drinks for Any Season

Who said lemons are just for summer drinks? These recipes are the perfect way to brighten up any season with toddies, sangria and more, with popular base products that are delicious and easy to use.

  • Lotus Old Fashioned Lemonade Concentrate: Shelf stable concentrate that's easy to use. Just add a pump; it's as simple as using any other flavored syrup. It also contains no caffeine (unlike other Lotus concentrates).
  • Dr. Smoothie Lemonade: Mix with water at the same ratio as other Dr. Smoothie products. This simplifies recipes and ensures accuracy.
  • Big Train Shaken Lemonade: A shelf-stable powder that's ideal for making large batches of lemonade. Prepare before the rush with minimal effort while guaranteeing speedy service.
  • Rishi Sparkling Botanicals. No added sweeteners or acidifiers, just tea and botanicals that provide a refreshing base for cocktails and NA drinks alike.
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Topics: Recipes, Cocktails & Mocktails, Iced Tea & Lemonade