Cold Brew Iced Tea - Make Your Own

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Cold Brew Iced Tea Recipe

As the days grow warmer, we're excited to share with you the perfect way to stay refreshed: cold brewed iced tea with our premium Rishi Loose Leaf Teas. To create with ease, we're recommending the Toddy brewing system, a simple and effective tool. 

Here's a simplified guide to making your own cold-brewed iced tea:


  • Place a clean nylon mesh into a Toddy. Add 5 L of cold filtered water to the Toddy.
  • Separately, add the suggested grams of tea to a stainless steel pot or pitcher (minimum 3 L capacity).

Flash Boil: (Skip the Flash Boil process if the recipe does not require it)

  • Add 1 L of boiling water to the vessel containing tea leaves.
  • Steep for 45 seconds to 1 minute.
  • Add 1 L of cold filtered water to lower the temperature.
Fill and Chill: 
  • Pour the contents of tea leaves and water into the Toddy.
  • Fill the Toddy with cold filtered water up to 20 L.
  • Place the lid on the Toddy and put it in the refrigerator to cold brew for as long as required by the recipe.


  • Remove the nylon mesh bag from the Toddy.
  • Gently squeeze the soaked tea leaves to extract all flavor.
  • Stir the infusion to mix evenly.
  • Use the spigot on the Toddy for bottling.

Measurements and Brew Times:

Cold Brew Iced Tea

Green Tea: 12g per Liter of water. Cold brew for 8-12 hours 

Black Tea: 12g per Liter of water. Flash boil for 45 seconds. Cold brew for 10-12 hours

Herbal Tea: 15g per Liter of water. Flash boil for 45 seconds. Cold Brew for 10-12 hours





A few of our team's favorite loose leaf tea for making cold brew iced tea:


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