Tea 101 For Coffee Shop & Restaurant Owners

Like the elegant fold of your napkins or the complex, nuanced flavor of the espresso you use for your Americanos, the tea you serve to your customers can provide an elevated, compelling and memorable experience. A carefully designed tea program offers your customers more than a beverage -- it offers them a unique encounter with sensation and service that they can only find in your restaurant or cafe.

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Dial In Your Iced Coffee, Iced Tea and Smoothie Offerings For Summer Profitability

With summer approaching, your iced-drink sales may be about to take off. Iced coffee and tea, nitro coffees, blended-iced drinks (frappes) and smoothies are popular year round, and even more so as the weather heats up. You can expect your ice machine to start working overtime.

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Evaluate Your Chai Offerings

It might not feel like fall just yet, but it’s almost the perfect season for sitting in a coffee shop, reading a good book and slowly sipping a steaming, spicy cup of chai.

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Tea Infusions: Add subtle sophistication to your drink menu

Tea is all about soothing flavor — flavor that whispers instead of shouting. Tea infusions are a subtle touch that add a gourmet feel to other beverages, and can enable anyone to develop a signature drink that is truly unique.

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Iced Tea—Easy, Refreshing and Profitable!

As the weather warms, we see a huge increase in the number of cold beverages that cafes are selling. One of these beverages, iced tea, is often overlooked.

Iced tea is both easy to make and extremely profitable.

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Topics: Marketing, Recipes, Teas & Chai