Lemonade Drinks for Any Season

Who said lemons are just for summer drinks? These recipes are the perfect way to brighten up any season with toddies, sangria and more, with popular base products that are delicious and easy to use.

  • Lotus Old Fashioned Lemonade Concentrate: Shelf stable concentrate that's easy to use. Just add a pump; it's as simple as using any other flavored syrup. It also contains no caffeine (unlike other Lotus concentrates).
  • Dr. Smoothie Lemonade: Mix with water at the same ratio as other Dr. Smoothie products. This simplifies recipes and ensures accuracy.
  • Big Train Shaken Lemonade: A shelf-stable powder that's ideal for making large batches of lemonade. Prepare before the rush with minimal effort while guaranteeing speedy service.
  • Rishi Sparkling Botanicals. No added sweeteners or acidifiers, just tea and botanicals that provide a refreshing base for cocktails and NA drinks alike.
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Lotus White Energy Recipes By Popular Demand

Lotus White Energy Concentrate is colorless, has the great flavor of Lotus and can be mixed with your favorite syrups to create any color in the rainbow. Lotus features cascara, natural botanicals and caffeine from green coffee beans. White Lotus is the perfect canvas for layered drinks.

Also, check out recipes for our other Lotus.

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Liquid Frappe Bases: So Many Easy, Delicious Applications

A neutral liquid base for frozen drinks provides consistently smooth texture and streamlines both your menu and operations. A variety of frozen applications including frappes, blended lemonades, and dairy free shakes are now easy to make.

Get started with  these recipes from Monin and Routin.

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Better Cleaning, Better Coffee

It's not the most glamorous part of making good coffee, but the way you clean your equipment can have a serious effect on the taste and quality of the drinks you serve.

We often see irregular or DIY-style cleaning procedures result in unsanitary equipment or coffee that's tainted with the taste of mineral residue or coffee oils. Cleaning procedures that don't leave equipment sparkling clean can also shorten its lifespan, resulting in unnecessary repair and even replacements costs. 

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Fresh Fruit Smoothie Recipes from Routin

Made with real fruit, 1883 Smoothie Mix contains no added sugar, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. 1883 smoothie mix perfectly captures the character of freshly picked fruit at its peak of flavor.

Explore Routin Smoothie Mix flavors.

These easy recipes can be made vegan or with yogurt. 

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Sparkling tea cocktail & mocktail recipes for any season

Rishi Sparkling Botanicals are the perfect base for mixed drinks 

Rishi elevates sparkling botanical tea with rare ingredients sourced directly from artisan growers. Light, refreshing and formulated for flavor and function, they make effervescent cocktails an easy ask. 

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Energizing Drink Recipes from Lotus

Lotus is the original and number-one selling plant-based energy concentrate. Their proprietary blend includes seven powerful plants, b-vitamins, amino acids and natural caffeine.

These easy blended drink recipes combine bright citrus and berry flavors of Lotus Energy Concentrate — and sometimes some chocolate and cream for good measure — to satisfy any palate. 

Also, check out our Lotus White Energy recipes.

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